Study Center

Study Center

Center for Study and Development of Management and Business


Universities need to take part in development efforts towards achieving a just and prosperous society through the development and practice of management based on science and noble socio-cultural values ​​imbued with Pancasila. To that end, the Department of Management FE Unnes is committed and focused on advancing knowledge and management practices in Indonesia. Based on these two considerations, the Department of Management initiated the establishment of the Center for Management and Business Development (PKPMB).

PKPMB is a work unit under the Management Department of FE Unnes which carries out the mandate of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education: education and teaching, research, and community service. PKPMB activities are designed to cover various fields, one of which is the field of management and business research studies.

Vision and mission

To become a center for the study and development of management and business with a conservation perspective and with international reputation by 2025.

The vision is broken down into several missions:

  1. Empower and improve the quality of human resources in the Department of Management FE Unnes to support the vision of the institution’s international reputation;
  2. Increasing cooperation between institutions both at home and abroad related to management and business;
  3. Improving the quality of academic and practical studies in the field of management and business;
  4. Design and manage management and business development programs;
  5. Improving the quality of human resources management and business through education, training, and certification;
  6. Become an income generating unit for the Department of Management, FE Unnes.

Organizational structure

Patron                                      : Dean of FE Unnes – Dorojatun Prihandono, S.E., M.M., Ph.D.

Advisor                                    : Dr. Dwi Cahyaningdyah, M.Sc. & Andhi Wijayanto, S.E., M.M.

Coordinator                            : Dr. Vitradesie Noekent, S.E., M.M.

Head of HR Division               : Desti Ranihusna, S.E., M.M.

Head of Marketing Division    : Bayu Wiratama, S.E., M.M.

Head of Finance Division        : Kris Brantas Abiprayu, S.E., M.M.

Field of Work/Service

  1. Research and community service in the fields of management and business;
  2. Consulting in the field of management and business;
  3. Management and business training;
  4. Management and business certification;
  5. Organizing national and international workshops/seminars/conferences.